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Tufts University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Spring 2021   Science and Power (Civic Studies / STS)

Spring 2021   Reading Lab: Models (sociological and philosophical studies on mathematical models, big data, and artificial intelligence) (Civic Studies / STS)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lecturer

Spring / Fall 2019   Environment, Natural Resource, and Society

(Sociology/Community and Environmental Sociology 248)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Teaching Assistant

Spring 2020 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Fall 2018   Statistics for Sociologists I​

Spring 2018   Methods for Sociological Inquiry​

Fall 2017   American Society: How it really works?

Spring 2016   Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Spring 2015   Environmental Studies: Social Perspectives

And other classes

Teaching Statement

                   I approach the teaching as an opportunity to engage with students to foster their discovery of the sociological perspective to see the world differently. At an introductory level, I aim for students to find sociological perspective as relevant to their own life trajectory and personal experience. My intellectual muse at the lecture hall is C. Wright Mills's Sociological Imagination, stated: "the sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society (Mills 1959)." At an advanced level, I introduce students to craft their research project with the well-informed toolkit of sociological theories and methods. I value that students acquire sociological perspectives and tools for both understanding and changing the social world. 

                  I have developed curriculums for teaching undergraduate level courses on science and technology studies, environmental sociology, sociological methods, sociological theory, and organizational sociology. For a graduate level, I am actively developing advanced seminars for contemporary science and technology studies, ethnographic theories and methods, and environmental sociology.

Qualitative Feedback

"June is a wonderful teacher. He shows that he is very interested in the topics. He explains hard to understand concepts in ways that make the material easier to visualize and connect to other topics. He engages the students in discussion constantly and likes to hear what we are thinking."

- Environmental Studies: Social Perspectives, Spring 2015


"Best TA in Madison. Every week, June did an excellent job fostering great conversations & probed all students, so that we would actively participate in discussions. He always came well prepared with good questions and made great, thought-provocative statements about the course materials."

- Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Spring 2016

"When I grow up, I want to be like June. He is engaging, knowledgable, and encourages good discussion."

"I like how he asks us questions that allows us to think critically about the subject."

- American Society: How it Really Works, Fall 2017


"He was amazing in making sure all students were aware of what the class expected of us each week. A great guy who really cares about the students."

- Methods for Sociological Inquiry, Spring 2018




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